This course is conducted for all students to enhance the ICT skills of them. These skills will support them for their studies and helpful when they join in employment after completing the Higher National Diploma (NVQ level 6).

Course Modules

Fundamental of ICT

Advanced Techniques in Word Processing

Presentation Techniques

Spreadsheet Application

Maintain Database

Data Communication & Network

Introduction to Information Communication Technology and its Promises

Computer System, Characteristics of Computer, Type of computers and its classifications

Data / Information: data versus information, units, units of measurement for capacity

System Unit – Inside a Computer

Input & Output devices and there functions, and Secondary storage devices.

Start with Microsoft Word, Working with Text, Formatting Pages, Formatting Characters and Paragraphs, using Indents, Tabs

Working with Tables, Document with Columns and Art, Shape

Working with equation and hyperlink

Mail merge technique

Documentation of project reports/thesis

Previewing and Printing Documents.

Creating a Presentation, Applying and Modifying Design Templates

Viewing and Changing Presentation Colors, Editing a Presentation, Adding and Modifying Slide Text

Inserting multimedia object into PowerPoint, Drawing and Modifying Shapes

Slide transition and animation

Insert action button and hyperlink

Printing a Presentation, Setting Up and Delivering a Slide Show

Working with cells, formatting cells and worksheets

Working with built-in functions and formulas

Prepare the graph and chart

Sort and filter data

Customize worksheet

Page setup and printing

Create tables, table relationship,

Modify tables and database

Creating queries and designing form

Generate report, modify records

Internet and email operation

Web browsing and Search engines

Types of networks

Type of Topology

Transmission Media: Twisted pair, coaxial and fiber optic cables

IP address