• Books – Lending (L) , Reference (R), Permanent Reference (PR)
  • Journals
  • Special Collection – Curriculum, Skill standards, ILO Collection, ICTAD Publications Collection, SLSI Publications Collection, Research papers
  • CD Collection

Library membership

  • Permanent members of the academic staff
  • Temporary members of the academic staff / Visiting lecturers
  • Permanent members of the non-academic staff
  • Students


Registration can be made in the Library for All Students and Staff of the University College prior to using the Library.

For students:Refundable deposit ofRs.1000.00(Refundable on the completion of NVQ 6 only)

Entitlement of Library Tickets

Category Lending cards Reference cards Total
Academic staff 02 02 04
Temporary members of the academic staff / Visiting lecturers 02 01 03
Non Academic staff (Executive staff ) 02 - 02
Non Academic staff 01 - 01
Students 01 01 02

Library cards are not transferable. The holder of library tickets is responsible for any library material issued under such tickets and therefore should protect them with utmost care.


Category Lending Reference
Academic staff One month One week
Visiting lecturers Two weeks One week
Non Academic staff (Executive staff ) Two weeks One week
Non Academic staff Two weeks -
Students One week Overnight


  • Readers can reserve books for their needs according to the reservation procedure of the library

Damage and lose of library books

  • Marking and defacing of books is strictly forbidden. Users should report if any such marks or damages to books if found to the issuing counter. In absence of such a report the books will be held responsible and fined for any damage observed at the time the books are returned.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to protect Library materials borrowed from the Library. Any loss of library materials should be reported immediately. In such situations a copy of the same edition or a later edition of the title lost can be produced as replacement or the fee charged by the Library has to be paid by the borrower.


Library Fines

Lending Reference
1-7 days after the due date Rs.10.00 per day Rs.20.00 per day
From 2nd week onwards Rs.30.00 per day Rs.50.00 per day

Opening Hours

Weekdays: From 8.30 a.m. To 4.15 p.m.